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 Internet Safety

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PostSubject: Internet Safety   Internet Safety I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 9:16 pm

Internet Safety
This topic is very important. Please follow all of the following below:
Never Give Out Personal Information
Please never give out personal information. This includes phone numbers, towns, schools, addresses, counties, neighborhood, street, or anything else along those lines. It is ok to say your state, country, or e-mail address.
Never meet anyone from online
Don't ever meet anyone that you met online. This could be someone targeting you. If this person is targeting you they could hurt you. Don't ever meet with anyone that you met online and that includes people that you e-mail who you don't see in real-life. It really includes anyone who you haven't met before.
Don't Post pictures of yourself
Do not post pictures of yourself online. By posting pictures of yourself you could be accidentally giving away personal information that includes contact information. Please do not post real pictures of yourself online. This could also lead to mean comments.
If someone is targeting you contact an adult
If someone is targeting you contact an adult. This is a serious matter. Do not take it lightly. Contact an adult who will help you get rid of the person.

If someone broke any of these rules please PM a member of the staff. These guidelines are very important.
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Internet Safety
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