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 Fib Official Rules

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PostSubject: Fib Official Rules   Fib Official Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 3:22 am

1. Don't post links to any other site unless you get permission by The Admin (Sage)

2.Don't post photos of yourself or anybody else unless from babv

3.Don't post videos unless you get permission from The Admin (Sage)

4.Don't use slang- Example- Hey der ma fwend

5.Don't use inappropriate language

6.Don't leave comments that might hurt others or offend them

7.Don't leave single worded comments

8.Don't spam the forums

9.Make sure you're welcome and friendly all the time

10.No drama- no discussion about your personal life problems

11.No writing in all Capital letters as it's like shouting

12.No writing in Red or Blue as those are
staff colors

13.Don't share any personal information- address, phone numbers, age, full name or anything that might steal your identity

14. No spamming; Double posting is considered spamming; Posting a single word is considered spamming

15. Do NOT threaten that you are quitting by posting, posting on chatbox or pming members that you are quitting, that creates a lot of drama and we will not tolerate with that

16.Each member is allowed one account, and every single one after your first one will be deleted. If you have a sibling that has the same IP we allow on having two account.

17.The language on the forum is English and we do not want anybody talking in any other language.

18.Swearing, inappropriate use of words, rudeness towards others, or anything that might offend another member is not allowed

19. Do not argue with a staff member, your not going to win

20. If your not going to say something nice, then dont say nothing at all

21.Always notify an administrator by PM before creating a club

22.If you post your own site in the links, you must support this site

23. No advertising other sites just because you want to win a contest, that is unacceptable

24. Have Fun!!! ☺

Fib Official Rules Sage1012
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Fib Official Rules
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